Coding languages

What are coding languages?

The term coding languages refer to the different formats that use varying symbols to code.

Why are coding languages important?

Coding languages are very important, as without coding language we would have no means of communicated and instructing computers.

Why are there so many coding languages?

Coding languages are tools, and we choose different tools for different jobs. Ruby and JavaScript are great for building web sites; Java and C++ are often used for financial trading; Python and R are the tools of choice for analysing statistics. Coding languages all do the same thing generally, however, some perform better in areas than others. Furthermore, some users just have a preference for one over as our minds all work differently and we all find different things easier or harder to work with.

What are some of the most widely used coding languages?

However, these are only some popular coding languages, there is a whole host of others that I have not covered.